Facility Tours

The full-scale advanced treatment facility is currently in the design phase. While facility construction is anticipated to start in 2022, Central Coast Blue Partners are piloting the treatment technology approaches to identify the optimal solution to achieve project goals.

The Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Facility is made possible by collaborative public/private partnerships with water treatment technology leaders. The communities supporting Central Coast Blue have this unique opportunity to achieve the highest levels of performance, equipment life cycle, energy, and effective or limited chemical use by testing the treatment flow and options at the Demonstration Facility over the next year. This testing phase promotes future energy savings, minimizes chemical use and ensures effective performance of the full-scale facility in the future. The Demonstration Facility is open for tours upon request, and provides the community an opportunity to see first hand how the process works.

The Central Coast Blue Demonstration Facility is located at the City of Pismo Beach’s Water Reclamation Facility, 550 Frady Lane, Pismo Beach, CA. To learn more about what is being tested at the Demonstration Facility and the participating partners, see the Demonstration Facility information page.